Welcome To The Duncan Butcher Shop

At the Duncan butcher shop we handle everything from organic beef, chicken , free run buffalo and venison, hormone free none medicated beef, pork, chicken, turkeys, side of beef, pork whole lambs and goats as well as bbq pigs. We make all our own fresh sausage, pepperoni, hams, bacons, sausage rolls, smokies , garlic coils ,meat loafs and all the value added meal replacement products.
The only part of the business that is contracted out is our curing and smoking .Rick Fisher at Glenwood meats does all of our curing and smoking and does one of the best jobs out there, he has a very high standard of quality. we also carry a great variety of niche and organic groceries in the front end of our shop so take your time and brose around because we are more than just a meat shop.
Open from Monday through Saturday 9am - 6pm and Sunday 10am-5pm
AAA Grade Steak Hormone Free  AAA Beaf Roasts Hormone Free
Hormone Free Meat
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